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Letter of Intention

Letter of Intention

To The Animation Workshop



My name is Jesper Kirkebjerg Hansen, i’m 23 years old, and would like to apply for the Character Animation Program. I chose this program because i have an affinity for making characters, and I have huge love, admiration and respect for the animation craft. And I would really like to develop the skills that I have even further in this field and help me achieve my goals.


So far I am a self taught artist and haven’t had any working experience so far. I have also had the internet as my main ressource for improvement. I am mainly experienced in Photoshop and a have bit of familiarity with Flash and illustrator.


My goal is to dive into 3d Animation once I have gotten a firm grasp on my 2D character animation and design skills. I think that a great foundation in 2D can really help when learning 3D. My dream would be to be able to work in the game and entertainment industry while also still being able to stay true to my own artistic vision and ideas.


I see the entertainment industry evolving a lot in the coming years both within film, games and television with more diversity in both film and game animation. I think there will always be a place for big budget animation films, but hopefully also an opportunity for some original smaller budget films, TV-series and games with a more specifically targeted audience. I also think that 3D animation will have very interesting future with the development of virtual reality. I think it could bring the possibility to create a new kind of immersive experience in storytelling of all kinds.


My influences have come from very different sources, both in terms of the beautiful traditional Disney animation in my early years, the wacky cartoon network series in the early 2000s and also the expansive and story driven Japanese manga and anime. I don’t really feel a bias towards a particular kind of animation, but that animation of any kind has the potential to tell stories amazingly many ways, as long there is a good story to tell. Two examples of people who has inspired me are: Genndy Tartakovsky, with especially his ability to tell simple entertaining stories through distinct, cinematic and moody visuals; and Akira Toriyama and his Dragonball series which was electrifying with a simple, yet expansive storytelling and a distinct, simple, boyish drawing style that eventually kick started my drawing career.


I have many favorite works, but I was really affected by the game,” The Last of Us”, which had suspenseful minimalist storytelling, a grounded realistic world and the most gripping story I have ever experienced which kept lingering with me for years.


While many Disney 3D animation films has left an impression on me. I remember being really impressed with the Danish animation film,” Terkel i Knibe”, where the animation, while being a bit crude, really suited the story and the characters well, while also adding a lot of visual comedy to it and bringing one of my favorite stories to life.


My last favorite is the animated series Samurai Jack from Cartoon Network, which had spectacular action, and distinct visual style and feel only possible with 2D animation. The world and the characters were charming and interesting and particularly the storytelling was creative and unconventional for that kind of cartoon and i think it still hold up to this day.


Although not having traveled a lot during my youth, I started traveling with my friends, after I moved away from home. The last trip I took was a backpacker trip with a good friend to München, Salzburg, Venice and Firenze, where we saw the cities and researched their history. I was sketching and he was writing stories. The trip had a big influence on me my perspective on art. I felt the power of drawing from life, experience and your own imagination as opposed to mainly using the internet. I hope to have more experiences like this in the future and bring my art to life on day.


I plan to finance the education with SU, my saving and a possible loan if it becomes necessary.

Best regards!  


Jesper Kirkebjerg Hansen

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